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The first private home for the aged Buona Vita (Good life) was opened by the Doctors Hristovi on 9.10.1999 in Knyazhevo, Sofia. It was the first such home, registered under the Social Assistance Law, to obtain a licence from the Ministry of Social Policy. Two more homes were opened afterwards – in Bankya and Boyana, Sofia. When Bulgaria became a full member state of the European Union it was necessary to bring in and abide by the European standards and regulations. On 1.9.2008 the new home of the Doctors Hristovi opened doors in Gorna Banya, Sofia. It was built to a well-prethought architectural plan, meeting all relevant European requirements. The other homes were closed. The new home was created as an alternative to the homes known till then and with the sole humane and noble aim to provide such conditions of life for the aged as receiving cares and services of higher quality, a kind attitude , better living standards, food, consistent with the individual's state of health and no occupancy restrictions.

The two-year experience at a social home in Italy became a valuable experience for Dr. Hristov as he brought the best of care, services and socialization to the occupants of the new home. The aged dwellers benefit from various facilities: rooms with an en-suite shower and toilet, cable TV, a hydraulic elevator for six and a common dining-room. The safety of all occupants is ensured by a round-the-clock video supervision from the medical room and a fire-alarm system. The garden and park surrounding the building give an opportunity for recreation and walks outside. From time to time concerts and functions are also organized. The constant 24-hour supervision over the aged people, the orderly work organization and especially the immediate reaction in cases of emergency are pluses worth mentioning. The food menu is daily and weekly pre-planned in line with the individual's state of health. When necessary a dietary regime is followed. The occupants are conditionally divided into 3 groups: autonomous (unassisted); people, who move with the assistance of the staff; people in bed (who need to be cared for and served in bed).

Only after a detailed conversation and a meeting between the relatives of the aged person and the management at Buona Vita, does he/she get a personalized plan for their stay, so that the parent would feel as comfortable as possible and his/her dear ones – unworried.

'We put the beginning. Now we are setting a new standard for the Bulgarian social homes. Because our parents deserve to live well. Because they are still with us. Think about them!

The Doctors Tanya and Vihren Hristovi